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Bulk Haulage

Liquid waste collection & disposal

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Waste Tankers

Large fleet of vacuum tankers available 

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Artic Tankers

Large capacity artic vacuum tankers

Tractor and tanker.
Tractor & Tanker

Tractor and tanker to empty tanks off road in fields or sites

Waste storage tanks
Storage Tanks

Our waste storage tanks are availabe for Hire

Small Tankers

Our smaller tankers enable us to gain access into the tightest of driveways and gardens

Bulk Liquid Waste Tankers

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Kelly Environmental's specialised fleet of articulated / bulk tankers range in capacity from 100 litres to 33,000 litres giving us a huge range of vehicles to collect and transport liquid waste, no job is too big or too small.

Kelly Environmental's large fleet enable us to have the capacity to move large volumes of liquid waste quickly and safely. We are fully licensed to collect waste in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Kelly Environmental's tankers large capacity means that we are able to complete projects efficiently and quickly, saving our clients downtime, disruption and money.

Our vacuum tankers specialise in removing liquid waste, grease, silt and debris from tanks, drains, culverts, sumps, gullies, digesters, Klargesters, pump stations, lift shafts, interceptors, septic tank, biocycles, cesspits and wastewater treatment plants.


All tankers are equipped with powerful vacuum and liquid ring pumps, allowing them to extract liquid waste quickly and over large distances, meaning all work is completed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

All our technicians are vastly experienced and fully trained to ensure maximum operational value from our vacuum tankers.

Our waste tankers are available to hire manned or unmanned throughtout Ireland.

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